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In 1983, a few MG enthusiasts decided, it was time, Buffalo New York and the surrounding area was to be represented at the international level. The Buffalo Octagon Association has enjoyed over thirty years of success and looks forward to many more. We take pride in keeping the "The Sports Car America Loved First" on the road with enthusiasm and technical advice. We continue to promote the exchange of information and camaraderie to owners and enthusiasts of MG sports cars. Members enjoy gatherings and shared mutual information so that we as custodians can enjoy these vehicles and keep them on the road.


To insure the future of our fine organization however, requires  member volunteers, (for actually everything) but especially, event planning and ‘contributions’ to the website. Volunteers are best encouraged when, members show their support through, participation in events and monthly meetings.

The long term health of our Club will require continued enthusiasm for the MG Mark with a broader membership base. Our club has always welcomed all brands of collector cars to compete at the Autumn Sports Classic Show and participate in all events. Our plan is to seed the future with a special invitation and welcome to all sports car enthusiasts, to become members, with a continued focus on our beloved MG.


Please check our "Full Calendar" page for our upcoming events including monthly meetings, driving tours and social gatherings ."News" page for important information on the club.


News and information for  "Members Only" Password required. 

Texas Trek by Jay Lockrow

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